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Bow's Peafowl Farm
Bow's Peafowl Farm maintains only the highest quality breeding stock and produce offspring to give the consumer some of the best quality birds that can be found. 

Bow's Peafowl Farm is an N.P.I.P. Certified Hatchery

Visitors are welcome by appointment.

Our birds are tested and monitored by the state of Texas and meet most all states requirements for importation

Sorry we do not export birds. Shipping is within the United States only.

Phone- 254-749-7541 
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Purple Blackshoulder
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Indo-Chinese Green
Wind Chimes
India Blue Pied
Silver Pied
 Spalding or Pure Green
Emerald Spalding Pied 
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Purple Pied
India Blue 
Silver Sebright Bantam Chickens
India Blue Blackshoulder Silver Pied
Shipping policy notice
Customers are encouraged to pick their orders up at the farm when they are ready. If you cannot pick your birds up and you need to use the services of the USPS to have your order delivered to you we will do everything possible to aid the post office in getting them to the customer in a live and healthy condition. Bows Peafowl Farm has no control over the order once it is in transit. We understand that shipping can be stressful on the birds. We only ship birds when a customer requests that we do so. We guarantee all ours birds to be in healthy condition at the time they leave our possession for their destination. All our birds are kept in the peak of health at all times and we only ship birds that meet this standard. We ship birds by Express mail only and they will normally arrive to the destination within 48 hours. Due to all the factors beyond our control we no longer guarantee a successful outcome during shipping or after arrival. Postal insurance will be your avenue for any loss compensation.  We do not offer replacements, or refunds on shipping orders. Your package will be insured at the post office for the value of the birds. Your order for shipping is acknowledgment of agreement of this policy.
We are happy to answer any questions concerning your order. 

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