Bow's Hand Crafted Wind Chimes
We make make only the finest quality wind chimes available.
These wind chimes are built to create deep rich  rythemic tones that can only be achived by using larger diameter aluminum pipe ( not tubing). This gives our wind chimes the deep rich long lasting tones that will give you enjoyment again and again.
If you have been looking for a wind chime that sounds as good as it looks than you don't need to search any futher. 
They are the perfect addition to your patio or garden.

We use oak  and pine materials, for the base and hammer. The wind catcher is made from plexiglass. 
 The aluminum pipe is painted with a high quality acrilic paint . The base,hammer are all coated with an outdoor varish and clear coated.
To place your order for one of these fine wind chimes please email us.
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The 2 inch outside diameter aluminum pipe is pinned with an aluminum rod to attach the support line down inside the pipe this insures that all of the graceful tones these chimes make are never dulled by the line coming in contact with the pipe. 

 The wind catcher can be cut into many different designs to accomidate your particular taste. 

5 Pipes in lengths from 66 inches to 54 inches  The overall height including the wind catcher is around 94 inches tall.
Price- $425.00 plus shipping
 Bow's Peafowl Farm
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