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If you wish to pick your peafowl up we are located just out side of Waco, Texas. Please contact us to make an appointment.
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2019 Peafowl  Price list.
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2019 Juvenile Sexed Pairs 

India Blue- $185.00 pair

White- $250.00 pair

India Blue Blackshoulder Pied- $200.00 pair
India Blue Blackshoulder Silver Pied- $230.00 pair

Purple- $200.00 pair

Purple Blackshoulder- $215.00 pair
Purple Blackshoulder Pied- $235.00 pair
Purple Blackshoulder Silver Pied- $255.00 pair

Opal- $225.00 pair
Opal Blackshoulder Silver Pied- $280.00 pair

Emerald Spalding 15/16 muticus- $210.00 pair
Emerald Spalding 31/32 muticus- $235.00 pair

Emerald Spalding Pied 7/8 muticus- $385.00 pair
White Spalding 7/8 muticus- $400.00 pair

If you want your birds shipped to you

Please read- Shipping Notice

Minimum order for shipping is 1 pair
Prices for birds do not include any postal shipping charges.
Shipping starts in Sept. or as soon as weather permits
Birds are between 2.5 to 4 months old at shipping.
All shipping is via USPS Express mail only (1 to 2 days)
Payment reserves your order.
Pickup orders are encouraged.
Sorry we do not export birds. Shipping is within the United States only.

Updated 7-2-2019