These are feathers of the highest quality. These feathers are their natural colors.
We also make decorative bouquets in 3 different sizes.
If you don't see what you are looking for please e mail us. We have a variety of different feathers.

Please email us to place your orders
The Bouquet shown here comes in 3 sizes- They are made up of 70% Eye feathers of different sizes, and 30% Sword and Butterfly feathers. These are beautiful arrangements that will brighten up any corner in your home, office, or business. They also make very nice wall decoration sets.

Large arrangements- $100.00 each. These have over 100 feathers.

Medium arrangements- $70.00 each. These have over 65 feathers.

Sword feathers- $3.00 each. Minimum orders are 5 feathers.
Sword feathers shown range from 1 to 2 feet long.  As shown in the picture, these feathers are several shades of green. If they are looked at in the sun light, they reflect some blue colors. Some of the feathers will have an eye pattern. 
These are great costume additions. 
Eye Feathers- 25 for $40.00. These come in several different sizes 12 inches to 36 inches 
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